About GridCal

GridCal is a research oriented power systems software.

Research oriented? How? Well, it is a fruit of research. It is designed to be modular. As a researcher I found that the available software (not even talking about commercial options) are hard to expand or adapt to achieve complex simulations. GridCal is designed to allow you to build and reuse modules, which eventually will boost your productivity and the possibilities that are at hand.

I have made other projects (even another open source one: fPotencia in C++). I believe that this project encapsulates my half life of programming experience and the curiosity I have developed for power systems.

So, I do really hope you enjoy it, and if you have comments, suggestions or just want to collaborate, do not hesitate to contact.




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GridCal is licensed under the LGPL license.

License of the dependencies

Package License
setuptools MIT
wheel MIT
PySide2 LGPL
numpy BSD
scipy BSD
networkx BSD
pandas Apache
ortools Apache
xlwt BSD
xlrd BSD
matplotlib Python Software Foundation License (PSF)
qtconsole BSD
pySOT Specific, but similar to BSD
openpyxl MIT
smopy BSD
chardet LGPL
scikit-learn OSI approved (new BSD)
geopy MIT
pytest MIT
h5py BSD
numba BSD
folium MIT
pyproj MIT